Top 10 Romances in Thedas

So, I figured my first blog post should address the ever present question, “But who should I romance?”

Well, in this completely biased post, I will divulge MY top 10. I will try my best to give no spoilers but I can’t promise I won’t let a few cats out of the bag, such as it is. There is truly no other way to explain the why’s without a little insight.

10. Isabella

Isabella is a rogue pirate and is quite fiesty. In your initial encounter with her, she offers to share her room with you. You know right off the bat she is into you. However this relationship takes a few unexpected turns throughout the entire game. Any wrong answers could lead you down a different path with her than you planned. Be prepared to work for her love even though her affections are given quite freely.

9. The Iron Bull

The Iron Bull is another hard won romance in the game. Be prepared for dragon slaying, betraying the Qunari and essentially no action for a good majority of the game. However, once his affections are won, the romance that unfolds is quite worth the wait.

8. Sera

I have to admit. I have a hard time resisting Sera. She is quirky, funny and an all around pain-in-the-ass. I always flirt with her, but be forewarned, she is 100% lesbian. Do not attempt to flirt if you are male. It will not go over well with her at all. The romance scenes with her are some of the best in all three games but she just doesn’t seem the kind I would like to spend the rest of my life with. She will instantly adore you if you play as a Dwarf and be completely infatuated with you if you are Qunari. However, should you choose to be Dalish, she is not the girl for you. If you are a Dalish Mage… forget about it.

7. Zevran Arainai 

Ahhh, Zev. This man will try to get into your pants at every opportunity. That doesn’t make the romance with him any less sweet. Much like Isabella, his affections are freely given while his heart can be hard to win. Those dang Rogues and their hang ups. The ending of this romance makes it truly worth while and his humor is so insanely ridiculous.

6. Dorian Pavus

Why so low on the list, you ask… just wait until you see the rest. You will understand.

Dorian Pavus is by far the best friend you can aquire in the game. His friendship is so fleshed out and thoughtful that you can’t help but love the man. However, when you romance him, some of that gets lost. His romance is one of the absolute sweetest of all but there are complications along the way that eventually get in the way of true and lasting happiness with him. I prefer to just remain the best of friends with him.

5. Solas

Ok, let me hear the outcry from the Solavellanites! Yes, he is number 5 on my list and for good reason!! I am not a fan of heartbreak. If there were an option to punch this man in the face I would have gladly taken it. But, honestly, I love Solas and always have. Of course, he became part of the Mage Hell Spiral and, why not? Bah! If you are ready for a quite epic love story that ends in complete and undying heartbreak, this is the romance for you.

4. Fenris

These next 4 hold a special place in my heart regardless of actual ranking on this list. Yes, I was able to sort it out and place them in order but these 4 have spawned many dreams, fanfics, and conversations in the days since these games have been released.
Fenris, love of my warrior Hawke’s heart. Mr. Broody Pants. While slow to get going, the conversations had with him are enough to make you just want to hold him and tell him things will work out and he doesn’t have to feel alone anymore. 

Let me be clear, I have always sided with the mages and have never hid that fact from Fenris. I also never pushed him to see how wrong he was about the Mage plight. If you hold out for a change of heart in this romance, you will be disappointed but if you let him deal with it on his own and work it out for himself, you may be surprised at the end result.

The key to a non-rivalry romance with Fenris is to not take him on missions in which you are going to outright side with the mages. Again, I never hid the fact that I was a mage sympathizer. I always defended Anders and Bethany but I never made him fight for something he didn’t believe in.

Be prepared to again have heartbreak with the Broody Elf but rest assured, if you are willing to push through, he will come back around.

3. Anders

And the love of my Mage Hawke’s heart. I fell in love with the silly Mage from Awakenings as soon as he held his hands in the air and said “I didn’t do it!” But coming across Anders in DA2 was a completely different story. He has changed but in a very good way. He is passionate, dedicated and above all, a good man. Does he make some mistakes? Absolutely!! But he is doing what he feels is right in the only way he knows how.

If you play as a diplomatic Hawke, their story only gets better. He will be amazed at the amount of faith you have in him and he will be in complete awe of you.

If you take the humorous Hawke route, he will start to question whether you truly want to aide his cause or if you are just along for the ride.

The choice is yours and having played it both ways, I can’t recommend a “right” path to take, simply because I am humorous Hawke, LOL.

2. Cullen Stanton Rutherford

While this man is the absolute love of my life (as far as game characters go) and I have loved him from the beginning, I feel like the romance in the game play is a little lackluster for what it is. In DA:O, we get this epic scene with Alistair. Then in DA2 we get the impassioned end all kisses with Anders and Fenris. Hell, what about that first kiss with Solas. This fandom waited YEARS to romance this man and we get a sweet kiss on the battlements and a quite abrupt and semi-unfulfiling romance scene… WTF Bioware!!! AND my biggest pet peeve of the romance… Why, as a mage, are there so many options to tear him down for his past?!?! He has obviously tried to move on from that life. Yes, it’s hard for him when you side with the mages but think about what happens to him when he is surrounded by mages. He never gives the Inquisitor any reason to doubt his allegiance to her or their cause, yet the options to put him down for past choices remains.

(I am done ranting now…)

This would be my number one choice if Bioware had fleshed out more storyline for the game itself. Because they didn’t, it seemed that the romance was based on finishing quests (which it was) rather than the natural flow of the Romances in previous games.

1. Alistair Theirin

This romance is by far the best played romance in the entire series! While my heart belonged to Cullen the second he ran from me in the Circle Tower, I could not get over this adorable, goofball either. Alistair has the best sense of humor. He stays grounded and completely down to earth. He is a true romantic with a kind heart. He’s always willing to talk and to listen and he is humble. This guy is every woman’s dream. Also, he is a virgin, so he is not going to be with you just to sleep with you.

Also, this game gives you multiple ways to play out this romance. Unlike any other romance in the games, Alistair’s mind can be swayed to becoming King and possibly leaving you or to sticking to his guns and giving up the throne to what he sees as someone more deserving. There are so many options to see this romance to its conclusion (for good or ill).
***None of the art on this page is mine and I claim no rights to any of it. However, if you would like to see more visit my Dragon Age board on Pinterest.


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