Fenris Art

In honor of my current romance with Broody. I decided today I will share some of my favorite Fenris art with you.

***I can’t draw a circle, so I am not claiming any of this work and will try to put original links where I can.

I love these little glimpses into Hawke and Fenris’s lives, even unhappy Anders in the background. Found here.

Being a Harry Potter fan myself, I laughed much harder than I should have and even got my husband cracking up. Found here.

This is one of my absolute favorites. So dreamy and wistful. **photo being aptly tagged I see no need to create a link here.

This is the current background on my phone. Love it. She looks like she is attacking him, and I feel like that’s pretty true to character for my Humorous Hawke. Not sure if this is original source but it is where I found it.

I always play as a female Hawke but I love many of the male Hawke images. This one is beautiful.

THIS is how this scene should have gone down. If he cares for Hawke like he says, there is no reason for it to not have happened this way.

Loved this one the instant I saw it, even the look of loss on his face lends to what he tells Hawke about moving on. Come see.

Little Wolf. So precious. (Link at top of pic)

Hope you have enjoyed my taste of Fenris today!


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