Cullen Stanton Rutherford 

I am in the mood for some Cully-Wully today. I can see this happening to me. It hasn't, but I have dreamed of him often enough. He is SO pretty!! I actually love that he holds onto his faith after everything that has happened to him. The fact that he is praying for the Inquisitor … Continue reading Cullen Stanton Rutherford 


Dragon Age Playlist

I have scoured the internet for songs that would remind me of certain characters or parts in the game and I have come up with this playlist. It extends over the course of all three games, heavy emphasis on DA2 because I have such a personal connection to Hawke. If anyone has any recommendations for … Continue reading Dragon Age Playlist

Anders Art

Let's celebrate the beauty that is Anders today! Currently working on a fanfic with him as the LI. It is very much turning into the love triangle I was trying to avoid but meh... it's just too difficult to not love them both. The passion in this kiss is always what I picture for Hawke … Continue reading Anders Art

Cullen – Bath Time

The soft cushion of my bed engulfs me. I sink in and try to relax my aching body but I get no relief. It seems even my own body is content to fight me. The aches spread through me. If not for Solas's healing abilities, I am certain I would have a cracked rib or … Continue reading Cullen – Bath Time