Anders Art

Let’s celebrate the beauty that is Anders today! Currently working on a fanfic with him as the LI. It is very much turning into the love triangle I was trying to avoid but meh… it’s just too difficult to not love them both.

The passion in this kiss is always what I picture for Hawke and Anders. I love that Justice is present in this moment. *photo is tagged.

The captured apostate. Love this one, for more than the obvious reasons. I feel like the templar who was constantly chasing him may have began to develop an attraction to him and this image is just “proof” of that. Could not find the original link for this one.

This is one of the best Hawke and Anders drawings I have seen. Absolutely amazing. Found here.


There had to be an image of him and Ser Pouncealot. This is his farewell. I like that the artist drew him a bit younger than what you see in DA2. Attention to detail. Found here.

So sweet. I’ve always loved the way they touch each other. Like they have to be touching as much of the other person as possible. I understand for Anders it is because he believes Hawke will eventually leave him but Hawke always responds in kind. Found here.

Last Stand. As the Chantry burns the mages stand. *the original link is no longer active for this image.

Everyone’s favorite moment of the game. Oh, that kiss! Enjoy.

I feel like this is a moment when Hawke tries talking Anders out of whatever crazy plan he had concocted. The look on his face tells me whatever Hawke is saying is making him truly think about something. Link for this image is no longer active.

I always thought that with Anders living with you, there should have been a moment like this in the game. It seemed like he moved in and your romance ended. Makes me sad every time.

And who doesn’t want to see this ending. Always though your LI should have shown up at some point in Inquisition. Found here.

Again… none of this art is mine. I don’t claim it is!!!


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