Dragon Age 2 Giggles

As I was searching through my Pinterest, I realized I had quite a few DA2 Funnies that had me rolling the first time I saw them and now I am going to share them with you.

There was no link for this one but I love it. Could totally see Hawke doing this! Although, I am unsure why Isabella seems to have vampire teeth.

Ok, so the image is not Dragon Age but this would be enough cause for Civil War for me. Found here.

And exactly, why wasn’t it told this way. Oh, Varric. more here.

This one! I remember thinking, we’ll if you don’t want this I’ve wanted that sexy Elf for quite a while. 

I honestly don’t think Hawke would rub it in Anders face but I totally see this being a dick move Fenris would play.

I want ten. Lol, of course he does. Enjoy.

And she did the thing. Have to say, I waited for a moment like this the entire game. LOL.

Look at the smug look on Hawke and Varric’s faces. Kills me. Go here.
Hope you enjoyed.


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