Cullen Stanton Rutherford 

I am in the mood for some Cully-Wully today.

I can see this happening to me. It hasn’t, but I have dreamed of him often enough.

He is SO pretty!!

I actually love that he holds onto his faith after everything that has happened to him. The fact that he is praying for the Inquisitor melts my heart.


Another close up. 

The kiss!!

One of my favorite comics of Cullen and Amell. Still wish they could have ended up together but won’t complain too much. Did allow for the romance with Alistair. Here.

Yes!!! Again, want them together…

Let’s play chess!

Oh, this line. I have to say, I was a little irked that this was all you get after defeating Coryfeface… Booo!!!!! find more…

I hope you enjoy!!!


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