Anders’ Dirty Little Secret

Looking around the Blooming Rose, I recognize many faces. It disgusts me to come in here but this is the only place I can go to get her out of my head. I walk up to the bar and order a pint. If nothing else it’s better than the swill The Hanged Man tries to pawn off.

“Madam Lusine,” I throw my arms up in greeting, “what a fine night.” She makes a disgusted noise as she comes to take my coin.

“Another damn Ferelden with coin to burn,” her disgust for the well off Ferelden’s in the city is widely known. She just doesn’t know that I fought a group of would be bandits on the way here and lifted their coin purses. Justice has some uses after all. “What will it be tonight Warden?”

“How about a busty blonde with curves to spare? Or a lovely little elven lady, hear they are flexible,” I try for my best smile but it falters, for these things are the exact opposite of what I want. But that’s the point, isn’t it. To get her out of my mind.

“Very well, Serrah,” she saunters off to find what she believes to be the object of my desires for the evening.

A cool hand caresses my forearm, “Well, I thought you were with another customer.” I stand to face the woman, confusion plain on my face.

“Oh, excuse me Serrah, I thought you were someone else,” embarrassed she turns and walks back to the way she came. Why is someone always trying to hire me when I come in here?

Frustrated, I almost turn to go but then I see my purchase for the night strolling towards me. She takes my hand. I kick back the last of my ale and follow her up the stairs.

Entering the room she begins a slow, seductive dance but that isn’t what I am looking for, “Let’s make this quick, princess. I haven’t got all night.” She pouts but begins stripping her clothes off and I do the same. She stands at the foot of her four poster bed, one hand gripping the post, one hip cocked out to the side. She does know how best to display her assets, I will give her that.

Wasting no time, I approach her and kiss her wishing it was Hawkes’ lips I was tasting. Stop thinking about her. I break away from the kiss, needing more. Gently I push her shoulders back and she falls to the bed with a playful giggle. She spreads her legs in open invitation and I accept. Her voluptuous tits are heavy in my hands as I lift them to my mouth. Her nipples are large and hard. I feel my excitement rising, being fanned by the noises coming from the room adjacent to this one. Whoever is in there is getting very loud. Just as I am ready to enter the woman laid out before me, I hear the most curious thing. I could swear the person in the next room screamed my name.

“Honey, you needin’ some help down there,” she reaches for my cock only to find it rock solid.

I decide to put it out of my mind and take this as the distraction it is meant to be. I enter her, hard and unforgiving. Driving my desire for Hawke into this woman all at once. Her gasp only drives me to push harder. I am almost to my brink when I hear my name again, but this time I know I recognize the voice. It can’t be.

My curiosity overrides my desires and I pull away from the woman in front of me. I walk over to the conjoining wall and place my ear against it.

“Messere, that is not allowed, we…” with a gesture I cut off her words.

Again, and this time it is unmistakable. I stand like this, listening, until all sounds from the other room abate. My head is spinning. My thoughts duel with my actions. I want to chase her but I am frozen. Do I truly want to know if that was her? If it was, what should I do about it?

Finally, I decide to get dressed and wait for her.

Her door opens and again I am frozen.

“Thank you, Brody. You are too good to me,” she says and I hear what sounds like a kiss.

“Anytime, Serrah. Anytime,” the man she called Brody responds.

I can’t make myself turn the handle on the door.

I wait until I can no longer hear her retreating footsteps before stepping out of the room and am greeted by a man who could easily pass for my twin brother. At my dumbfounded look he grins, “Anders, I presume.”

I have nothing to say to that so I ask the one question on my mind, “Who were you just with?”

His grin turns devious and he cocks an eyebrow, “You know Serrah, that we take privacy very seriously around here,” almost immediately he seems to soften, “I could not tell you, no matter how much I may want to.” and with that he enters his room and shuts the door.                                                              


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