Alistair Art

Today, I decided it’s time to give the King of Ferelden (or Badass Grey Warden) some time in the spotlight. Warning there are possible spoilers ahead. 

I could see Alistair doing this. I don’t think he could simply leave his child if he knew where he was. And of course, a gift that would annoy Morrigan would be just what he would do.

He is so lovely. The world is about to end and he looks completely content. I think he knew his destiny had been set out before him and this is the face of a man who had finally accepted that.

Always so bashful when speaking to the Warden. Where Cullen is always awkward, Alistair can be quite smooth.

“Only when they want something from me.” I wonder if he knew that something was simply him.

Love this!

Hahahahaa! Yes!

I WANT A WEDDING!! Why didn’t we get a wedding. If you die there is a ceremony, really, how hard could it have been!

Older Alistair. I love it. The baby face is gone, the hardness in his eyes. You can see the taint has affected him.

Finally pregnant!

Did I mention, I WANT A WEDDING!

One of my favorite convos in the game!

AND a bonus! You’re welcome!


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