Alistair Art

Today, I decided it's time to give the King of Ferelden (or Badass Grey Warden) some time in the spotlight. Warning there are possible spoilers ahead.  I could see Alistair doing this. I don't think he could simply leave his child if he knew where he was. And of course, a gift that would annoy … Continue reading Alistair Art


Dragon Age Playlist

I have scoured the internet for songs that would remind me of certain characters or parts in the game and I have come up with this playlist. It extends over the course of all three games, heavy emphasis on DA2 because I have such a personal connection to Hawke. If anyone has any recommendations for … Continue reading Dragon Age Playlist

Top 10 Romances in Thedas

So, I figured my first blog post should address the ever present question, "But who should I romance?" Well, in this completely biased post, I will divulge MY top 10. I will try my best to give no spoilers but I can't promise I won't let a few cats out of the bag, such as … Continue reading Top 10 Romances in Thedas