Anders’ Dirty Little Secret Part 2

At first I only thought Hawke was avoiding me. Now, I am certain of it. The last few days have been hard on all of us, but the last few nights… Maker. I can barely get her alone. She always finds some excuse to run off. The first night, she decided to talk to Bartrand. … Continue reading Anders’ Dirty Little Secret Part 2


Deep Roads Camp Day 7

Praise the Maker, we have finally made it to the Thaig. While the last few days have produced little darkspawn, the journey itself has been nothing but grueling. It seems the dwarves loved creating as many staircases as they possibly could. Nothing seemed to be one level for long. Up, down, up, down. Between the … Continue reading Deep Roads Camp Day 7

Discussion Time – Anders

In the Dragon Age realm it is a rare occasion that you come across a character who isn't broken in some way. All seem to have demons they must overcome. As an outside observer, we decide who's demons are worth dealing with and who's are worth punishing. That, in my opinion, is what makes the … Continue reading Discussion Time – Anders