Anders’ Dirty Little Secret Part 2

At first I only thought Hawke was avoiding me. Now, I am certain of it. The last few days have been hard on all of us, but the last few nights… Maker. I can barely get her alone. She always finds some excuse to run off. The first night, she decided to talk to Bartrand. … Continue reading Anders’ Dirty Little Secret Part 2


Deep Roads Camp Day 7

Praise the Maker, we have finally made it to the Thaig. While the last few days have produced little darkspawn, the journey itself has been nothing but grueling. It seems the dwarves loved creating as many staircases as they possibly could. Nothing seemed to be one level for long. Up, down, up, down. Between the … Continue reading Deep Roads Camp Day 7

Deep Roads Camp Day 4

The last few days have proven to be exhausting. Battle after battle with the darkspawn have kept us all on our toes. How any of us are still standing is beyond me. Fortunately, we have come upon a large cavern that is cut off from any other entrances. Anders assures us there are no darkspawn … Continue reading Deep Roads Camp Day 4

Deep Roads Camp Day 1

“Oh, Maker,” the sight before me is one I did not expect to encounter in the Deep Roads, “Is that water?” Scouting ahead is proving to have its advantages. I am taking a bath. My excitement is short lived. Just as I reach for the straps to unfasten my armor, a loud clamour arises behind … Continue reading Deep Roads Camp Day 1

Reading Order

The Hawke and Anders story has a reading order. There are 3 stories posted and more to come. Hawke's Dirty Little Secret Anders’ Dirty Little Secret The Hanged Man And the Deep Roads Expedition stories will follow, all numbered by the days into the expedition itself. There are two Cullen stories, both are "First Time" … Continue reading Reading Order

The Hanged Man

“I’m going out,” I announce to no one. “I’ll come with you,” I turn to face my sister. She has her staff in hand before I can protest. “Bethany, there are thugs who come out at night. We needn’t give the Templars any more reason to come after you,” I place my hand on her … Continue reading The Hanged Man

Anders’ Dirty Little Secret

Looking around the Blooming Rose, I recognize many faces. It disgusts me to come in here but this is the only place I can go to get her out of my head. I walk up to the bar and order a pint. If nothing else it’s better than the swill The Hanged Man tries to … Continue reading Anders’ Dirty Little Secret

Dragon Age Playlist

I have scoured the internet for songs that would remind me of certain characters or parts in the game and I have come up with this playlist. It extends over the course of all three games, heavy emphasis on DA2 because I have such a personal connection to Hawke. If anyone has any recommendations for … Continue reading Dragon Age Playlist

Top 10 Romances in Thedas

So, I figured my first blog post should address the ever present question, "But who should I romance?" Well, in this completely biased post, I will divulge MY top 10. I will try my best to give no spoilers but I can't promise I won't let a few cats out of the bag, such as … Continue reading Top 10 Romances in Thedas