Dragon Age Inquisition FanFic

I am preparing a DA:I fanfiction for An Archive of Our Own. I am hoping to be able to post within the next month. I will encompass the entirety of the game and focus on Mage Inquisitor Scarlet (Scar) Trevelyan, Cullen romance, and try to stay true to the story line with slight alterations made to fit the flow of the story.

Here is the first chapter.

Inquisitor Scarlet Trevelyan

Chapter One: Templar vs Mage

Haven. Yet, another place where they hold me captive.


I had thought with the Mage rebellion in full force, I would finally be able to escape the captivity of the Circle. I fled when Ostwick’s Circle fell. Fled home. I didn’t know where to go but seeking out my father seemed like a good idea. I would show up at his doorstep, he would welcome me with open arms and we would be a family again. I was too quick to forget how many of my relatives would have no qualms having me executed on sight. A mage in a family of Templars and Chantry sisters. Until my magic was discovered, I had been headed down that road myself. The Noble House of Trevelyan. The most devout House in all of the Free Marches. Instead, they sent me, as well as a few of my relatives, to the Divine’s Conclave. And for what? So I could fall through the fade with no memory of what happened? So I could be deemed the so called Herald of Andraste? I’m sure my family will love to hear this news.


I flip my hand over examining it for the millionth time. Cassandra had mentioned that the mark was killing me, yet I feel no pain. For the moment, it is a constant reminder that I am at the mercy of yet another institution.


The Inquisition. Lead by a Seeker, a Spymaster, and Ativan diplomat, whom I could swear I’ve met before, and a blasted Templar. Maker, why?


It seems that no matter what I do, I will always be at the mercy of the Templars.


“Herald?” A gruff voice reaches my ears and I slide further back along the roof of my small cabin. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide up here forever, but I was hoping for one moments peace.


The door to my cabin opens. Without even knocking, really?


“Herald?” The gruff voice questions again. “Where is that blasted girl?”

Another voice joins in, this one singsongy and pleasant, “Don’t worry Commander. I will look for her.”


“She is needed in the Chantry. Please, have her join us as soon as you find her.” I peek over the edge of the roof just in time to see the Commander walking away, his hand reaching up to massage the ache I must be giving him away. I follow his path to the Chantry, my eyes never leaving him, which is why I am startled to realize someone else has joined me on the roof.


“The stars are quite beautiful from up here, no.” The singsongy voice states from just beside me.


I turn to her. “So, you found me.” I sigh and turn over, my back flush to the roof underneath me.


“Oh, please. I knew where you were.” She takes a seat beside me on the rooftop.


“I had a friend who used to do such things. She always hated that everyone was so reliant on her, and at times she felt the need to escape. Granted we did travel a lot, and I usually found her dangling on a tree limb, but it wasn’t a hard guess.” She turns to me with a slight grin on her face.


“The Seeker, I assume?” I sit up, pull my knees up to my chin, and wrap my arms around them.


“Oh, goodness no,” she exclaims. “Can you imagine the Seeker climbing trees in the wilderness?” she chuckles at what I assume is the mental image. “No.” She states again as she tries unsuccessfully to calm her giggling fit. “My friend Katarina. She had much the same burden that you now possess.” She nudges my legs with her elbow. “She too felt the burden of duty. She too had only just escaped the Circle to find herself captive to a cause.”


I wonder at who she may be referring to, but she is the Left Hand of the Divine. Who knows how many people she could be referring to.


“You know, I used to believe I was chosen, just as some say you are. I thought I was fulfilling His purpose for me, working with the Divine, helping people. She believed me, or maybe she believed that I believed. Either way, she helped me to see, truly, that’s all we can do. Help people, do what needs to be done.” She pauses and gazes toward the heavens and I can’t tell if she is praying or simply thinking and then she turns to face me, a strange glint in her eye. “You remind me of her. Her fire, her wit. She was always a quick thinker, never one to give up hope. She suffered a lot but she always came through it. I imagine you will be the same.”


It’s my turn to gaze to the heavens. Leliana is about to stand when I ask, “And what happened to your friend?”


“She saved all of Ferelden from the Blight, of course.” she states before hopping down onto the crates I had been using as a makeshift ladder.




“We must begin making plans to approach the Templars.” The Commander states, from behind the door I have been reluctant to open. “If she has decided to shirk her duties as Herald, we can proceed without her. I thought you said you had found her.”


I push open the door not wanting to give the Templar any reason to doubt Leliana. “I am here. What did I miss?”

“There you are, finally.” The Commander reaches up to massage the back of his neck. I must give him no small amount of stress.


“Herald,” Leliana starts, “We were just discussing our options for approaching either the Mages or the Templars. After Val Royeaux, we must begin sorting through our options.”


“There are just the two, correct?” I ask, not knowing what other options they could be referencing.


“Yes,” Josephine begins, “However, an invitation to Redcliffe has already been extended to the Inquisition. What we must decide is to accept that invitation or to try and approach the Lord Seeker.”


I know my nervousness at the prospect of approaching the Templars is showing because the Commander grimaces. His glare is penetrating, but I do my best to speak up on the matter, regardless. “With an invitation already extended from one party, shouldn’t we at least attempt to pursue that route.” Cullen opens his mouth to speak but I hold my hand up, halting his words for a moment. “I know seeking the aide of rebels is not ideal, but an offer has at least been extended, if not cemented, on their end. What truly matters is sealing the Breach, not who our alliances may be.” There, that sounded diplomatic, didn’t it?


I cannot discern the look the Commander darts my direction, but it’s not as sharp as it was moments ago. He seems to be deliberating the idea I set forward. When he speaks, his words are controlled, careful. “As I have said before, I don’t believe more magic is the answer. But the Herald makes a good point.” All eyebrows raise at this revelation. The Commander scowls, but continues, “If we go to Redcliffe, we may find that they are not the answer, we may find they want nothing to do with this, and as our Ambassador has pointed out, we do not yet have a way to approach the Lord Seeker. I do, however, think it best that Cassandra accompany you. She will be able to evaluate any dangers these rebels may present.”


I not my assent, glancing over to see Cassandra is doing the same. “Very well. The Seeker and I will head to Redcliffe in the morning. Are there any other matters to discuss?” I look to the faces of my advisors, the Commander simply turns away from my gaze, Josephine shakes her head and gives a slight bow before heading for the door and Leliana tilts her head in a meet me outside gesture. I nod my head in acknowledgment and turn to leave. I don’t know why but before I step out the door, I turn back to the Templar. “Thank you, Commander.”


He looks up, his eyes meeting mine, before he nods. We lock gazes for a moment and I feel a small smile tug at the corner of my lip before exiting the room.


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